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What Affects Your Credit Score

Often people will do things that affect their credit score without knowing that they are doing so and cause it to be lower than it should.

There are so many different businesses that allow you to have credit cards for purchase at their stores and offer a credit limit on those cards to entice people to make purchases.

While these are easy to get they are also easy to forget and many people have a number of ‘store’ credit cards that they never use without knowing that they will appear on a credit report and can have a detrimental affect on your score.

This happens because lenders will see that you have many different sources of credit and to them that might be one card too many to allow you to borrow from them even though you aren’t or haven’t been using it.

The other problem with having too many accounts is the fact that there is the chance that you might forget to make the necessary payments on them simply because there are too many to manage and more to forget. This will have a negative affect on your credit score too.

You should close any accounts that you aren’t using unless specifically needed for financial planning.

If you are using the additional accounts to spread your credit over various different accounts then that can help your credit score so you will need to look at each situation on an individual basis and how it can benefit you.

Closed accounts will still show up on your credit report for some time and they can still have an affect on your credit score but you need to look at the longer term and what is best for your future rating remembering that the sooner you take action to make positive moves the sooner your credit score will begin to rise.


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